Cats do Sip too.


Sipping water is an effective way to restore hydration. As light rain falling on dry ground, water is best absorbed by the body when taken in frequent small amounts. In the event that you find that Sipping Water improves level of energy and vitality, you may want to add more frequent sips of water to your daily routines.

Cats do Sip Too

Tips for Sipping Water:

  • Notice how much energy you have. Now…Take a sip of water and then… notice again how your energy is. Do you feel any different? It may take a few days to be able to notice a difference in our experience of dehydration.
  • Did you know Water is most easily absorbed at room temperature?
  • Did you know by Sipping Water  you may loose weight easier?
  • Sipping water improves concentration.
  • It reduces stress, enhances communication and social skills.

If you don’t have access to water, just the act of swallowing can be very helpful.


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