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Brain Gym

People of all ages use these simple yet powerful 26 core Brain Gym® activities to enhance their visual, auditory, and kinesthetic skills for easier and more pleasurable learning.

Brain Gym - Educational Kinesiology

José Toussaint - Brain Gym Consultant

What is Brain Gym / Educational Kinesiology?

Brain Gym® is the core of Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K), the study and application of posture and movement and is a unique self-development program that helps everybody learn anything quickly and easily.

Brain Gym is based on the principle that we can educate the whole person through 26 energising, quick and enjoyable simple activities that toddlers in preschool and seniors in nursing homes can use to increase brain function, reduce stress, and strengthen coping mechanisms.

Children and adults use Brain Gym to help integrate body and mind by developing the brain’s neural pathways through movement. It’s called whole-brain learning.

Use Brain Gym to improve

• Concentration and Focus (ADHD’ers love Brain Gym!)
• Memory
• Reading
• Writing (no more writer’s block)
• Organizing
• Listening
• Physical coordination
• Project completion
• Learning (help those kids with learning challenges)
• Sports performance – Brain Gym supports people of all abilities in making wide-ranging changes in their lives and lifestyles.

Used in more than 80 countries, Brain Gym is taught in thousands of public and private schools worldwide and also in corporate, performing arts and athletic training programs.

Brain Gym works. It’s quick. It’s easy. And it’s fun!
Workshops available online and face to face (Brisbane). Professional Development for teachers, carers and other professional health providers.

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Educational Kinesiology (BG 101)
32 hours – includes workbook and accredited certificate.

Educational Kinesiology (BrainGym) is a program of 26 physical movements that enhance learning & performance in all areas. Developed in the 1970’s through the work of educators Dr.Paul & Gail Dennison in response to their quest to seek more effective ways to help children & adults with learning difficulties.

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