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View and learn via our Kinesiology videos about the range of natural health topics we cover, such as Educational Kinesiology, Touch For Health, Thought Field Therapy, and Neurolink.

Create Happy Minds - Videos

ESR with Create Happy Minds - Jose

As you know emotions come and go, like the waves of the ocean. There is a DIY technique that can speed up the process to get rid of emotions you don’t enjoy. Try it and see if it works for you. Much gratitude, Jose

Menopause with Jo

What is it like to be in men-o-pause?

International Kinesiology Balanc-a-thon 2020

Welcome to the Annual International Kinesiology Balancathon. (Brisbane-Create Happy Minds with Kinesiology)
Balancing the heart meridian around the world. Heart to heart. The event started at 11am when the energy of the heart meridian is the most potent till 1pm. It started in Samao at 11am, then in New Zealand etc… Check out for more videos and updates. Join in with the movements and see if you feel any better after ‘the meridian dance’. 

Energy Medicine EM 101

Come along to our workshop. Lisa, Tony and Jose are your facilitators. (Intro for workshop – 16 Aug 2020)

Tom sharing BrainGym in Sunday Zoom Room

V.I.P. Tom Goldsworthy is sharing easy BrainGym movements with Sunday Zoom participants. Tom is a Visual Impaired Person. He uses BrainGym to reduce stress, for behavioural issues and to improve his memory.

Roseline and Jose

A cuppa with Feng Shui Grand-master Roseline Deleu. Interviewed by kinesiologist Jose Toussaint.

Emotional Stress Release (ESR) by Jose and Tom

How to reduce your stress levels within less than five minutes. An easy self-healing tool introduced to you by Jose Toussaint and Tom. Join us to experience this technique yourself.

Is your brain a sultana or a grape?

Sipping water reduces stress, it increases your energy and you may have less brain fog. Try it… sip more water during the day and see for yourself.

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