How can I support you?


Do you feel at times you are so tired when you wake up. When you go to bed, you can’t sleep. Thinking of all the things you need to do and feeling overwhelmed? Do you have headaches on your days off, or even worse you end up with a migraine?

Some of us are so stressed that we fight with our loved ones when we get home or we just burst into tears for no reason at all.

You seem to forget people’s names easily, or where you have placed things. Perhaps your car keys end up in the fridge !

Let me tell you how I started and where got my passion from working with people from all walks of life… I started my journey in a nursing home in a dementia unit. Each day I would go to work and have to re-introduce myself to the same residents. After doing my sessions with the residents for 8 days over a period of two weeks, residents started to remember my name … and each others! That set me off and I have never looked back. 🙂

My aim is to give each of you the tools to create a happy mind, to be able to focus better, and live life with less stress. I just love seeing the ripple effect of happiness and well-being!

Clients do come back to maintain their mental state of well-being and referrals are given. Parents are telling me how the child I have been seeing has increased participation in the classroom, staying focused and listening better.  So as you see, there is hope for everyone, even for you. Never give up, even if you can’t see a way out, because there is!

Be the Master of Your Own Mind   –  Jose Toussaint

Services available:

Touch For Health – Remedial Massage – Educational Kinesiology – Thought Field Therapy – Conversational Hypnotherapy – BrainYoga – Bush flower essences.