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Energy Medicine in your own zoom room. It is safe, comfortable, less stress, and convenient. Going zoom with your therapist is now the Modern way of Energy Medicine.

Thank you for choosing Create Happy Minds. Your body, mind, and spirit are beautifully amazing and I am looking forward to supporting you to get the best out of you.

If you prefer to book your appointment by phone, please text or call Jose onĀ (0061) 4 346 26 307

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Services: Kinesiology, BrainYoga, Tapping, Australian Bush Flower Essence, Neurolink, Theta Healing, Touch For Health, Workshops, Feng Shui VisionBoard, Professional and Personal Development.

Create Happy Minds


1 hour @ AU $90.00 – Kinesiology – Available in your zoom room on face to face.

Are you feeling out of balance? Are your mind and body going in different directions?
Kinesiology helps balance the mind and body and reduce stress, anxiety, and improve your energy.
It helps you to motivate your goal setting, confidence, speaking abilities, self-confidence, better learning, just to name a few.
Kinesiology is very gentle, a biofeedback system, and non-invasive.

FACE to FACE, via ZOOM or Remotely – Energetic Kinesiology  @ AU $90.00 per session.

Any help needed for better focussing, getting rid of a foggy brain, reading, learning, or engagement? Kinesiology with BrainGym tools is the way to go. Available in your own Zoom Room or face to face.

Personalized Australian Bush-Flower Essence (includes consultation)                                          30 minutes @ AU $65.00

Remote Healing

1 hour @ AU $90.00 – Remote Healing

Remote healing is more in demand than ever. Since 2017 I started doing remote healing with great results. I am taking the step to open up to make remote healing available to anyone that is not able to come and visit me in the clinic.

What do you need to do? You need to have an open heart and mind to get the best support you need on your transformational journey. The payment is upfront. The healing session will be emailed to you after with details about your personalized session.


With gratitude, Jose

Feng Shui Vision Board Workshop – What is your story revealing about you? Where is your journey taking you?