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Professional & Personal Development

Contact José for Professional / Personal Development via Face to Face or Skype, Private or Group Sessions. Jose is also available as a speaker at your events.

Create Happy Minds
Professional & Personal Development

Contact José to discuss your Professional & Personal Development requirements

Private or Group Sessions

Stress-Release 30 minutes or one-hour sessions are available, using a number of techniques and it works really well as we are all unique in our own way. Face to Face or Skype. To make a booking call José Toussaint on +61 434 626 307

Feel free to invite me as a speaker on your events. I will speak about: Being The Master of Your Own Mind – The Power Of Visualization – Why Is Movement Important For Your Well-being.

2-hour & 4-hour Professional Development workshops are available on request.

3-hour Workshop - Introduction to Cognitive Sensory Learning & Living

Workshops can be organised for your convenience at your workplace, business, school, or at your home.
Did you know that from infancy through to old age, everyone has the neurological capacity to communicate and to be reflectively aware.

You already have the capability to learn. How awesome would it be if you knew how to learn, read, write more easily or support someone you know that struggles with learning, reading, focussing and memory loss etc.

By doing fun, easy movements and visualization you are able to develop cognitive abilities and open new neurological pathways.
It is never too late to start finding out how you can live your life to the full or help others in their journey and your own.

4-hour accredited (AKA) workshops

Perceptive Vision ( A system of simple exercises to change the way we perceive life)

Kinesiology for Kids ( A Do-It-Yourself Stress Management Guide for Parents and    Children)

Eat Right, Live Right ( Discover the art of muscle testing to help indentify individual choices for healthy living)

Healthy Pets ( A kinesiological approach to Healthy Pets)

Touch For Health (TFH) is a practical guide to natural health that utilizes acupressure and massage to improve postural balance, reduce physical and mental pain, and tension.

Touch For Health (TFH)

Touch For Health (TFH) is a practical guide to natural health that utilizes acupressure and massage to improve postural balance, reduce physical and mental pain, and tension.

It is an approach to restoring natural energies that combines ancient Chinese energy therapies with recent Western developments in kinesiology. While TFH was originally designed for lay people, many health professionals have found that TFH enhances their practice. It is a very practical tool for the massage therapist: it can be used along with other massage techniques or as a stand-alone methodology for improving health and well being.

One of its practical features is that it offers a systematic approach to balancing the body and enhancing the effect of other modalities. Many practitioners have learned muscle testing as an assessment tool. Touch for Health teaches both quality muscle testing and a step by step procedure to address balancing the full meridian system.

Physical pain such as headaches, arm pains, stiffness, backaches, strains, sprains, menstrual cramps, nausea, TMJ, toothaches, repetitive strain injuries, stomach and intestinal complaints and dizziness are just a few conditions that have been treated effectively with Touch For Health.

Touch For Health 1 (KINESIOLOGY)

You are welcome to share this information with others you might know who may be interested to learn Touch for Health. (Kinesiology)
Touch for Health 1 is suitable for all levels and requires no previous experience.
After completing Touch for Health 1 you will be accredited with 15-hours Certificate.
Price includes all course materials, morning and afternoon tea.

Feel free to contact me on 0434 626 307 or email for dates and where courses are being held.
I look forward to sharing this amazing work from Dr John Thie with you. Touch for Health can be used at home and as an add on to your professional health practice.

In Touch for Health 1 you will be learning: * What is Touch for Health? * Background information * Triangle of Health * Opposing Muscle Theory * Permission/Education * Posture Awareness * Zip Up, Switch On & Tune In * Importance of sipping Water * Pre-tests * Muscle Testing * Meridians * Introduction to 14 Muscle movements

The Touch for Health program

The Touch for Health program has the following main goals:

  • Increase Your Vitality
  • Discover Your Reason for Being
  • Achieve Your Optimum Performance and Personal Best
  • Enhance Your Healing and Recovery
  • Discover and Develop Your Natural Healing Ability
  • Improve Your Existing Self-Care or Healthcare Practice
  • Find a new Level of Health Control

This course TFH 1 is done over two full days. After you have completed Touch for Health 1, you can continue further when you desire to become an accredited kinesiologist.
TFH 2 – TFH 3 – TFH 4 – Metaphors available and ongoing support.