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I have had 2 Zoom treatments with Josè, both have been exceptional have had homework to do both times. She has been spot on with her treatments and is an absolute delight to work with. Thank you Jose you have played a huge roll in my healing quest… Zoom is great as I live in Victoria.. If I ever come to Brissy when the big C19 is done, I will be booking for a real life treatment as I would love to experience your physical energy.
S. Williams
June 2020
Jose at Create Happy Minds Kinesiology has an amazing talent and is a very intuitive Kinesiologist who has given me direction and clarity with my fears and doubts. She is a warm caring practitioner. I loved our sessions.
K. Crossman
April 2020
Jose at Create Happy Minds Kinesiology has an amazing talent and is a very intuitive Kinesiologist who has given me direction and clarity with my fears and doubts. She is a warm caring practitioner. I loved our sessions.
K. Crossman
April 2020
Jose is a talented and gifted healer whose passion for making people and their lives more positive and happy really makes a difference. I am constantly amazed by how uncannily she gets to the underlying source of the problem and how intuitively and creatively she uses her many skills and years of knowledge to ensure you leave feeling much better and ready for living life more fully you arrived.

I did my Edu-K training with Jose and consult Jose to enable me to live more easily and freely with the discomfort I experience at times from vision-related issues and a past car accident and falls. When it comes to feeling whole, comfortable and positively connected with your surroundings Jose aces it. She takes what she does seriously, totally caring but always makes getting better a fun journey. 5/5 for me always.
Helen Duckworth
April 2019
I have had a few sessions of Kinesiology with Jose Toussaint and it really works for me. I could really do without the healing crisis though but once I am on the other side, I feel like a million dollars! I use Kinesiology to maintain my mental well being. I m a coach and live a busy life. This is my therapy, it is like a massage for my brain. Thank you for being part of my sanity! 🙂
Samantha, Capalaba
January 2019
Dearest Jose

After suffering for over half a year, since September 2018, from a painful right hip and seeing an orthopedist for about 18 sessions, as well as my doctor I had no relieve whatsoever.

Xrays (that I haven’t seen) have indicated osteo-arthritis in both hips according to my doctor.

Your session with me in early March has brought same day relieve from all pain in my hip and to this day there is no pain in my right hip. I also learned from you to remind myself that I can move with ease and whenever I fall back to walking tensed up I say aloud to myself; ” I move with ease”, which is mindfulness that works.

I also follow up on your information about waking up my body by ‘shuddering’ and rolling my feet over a hard tennisball.

Thank you ever so much for sharing your knowledge with me and for treating me.

Kind regards – Anne, Auckland

PS: when we meet again I hope that treatment for my left knee, which has some arthritis, will be possible.
Anne, Auckland
March 2019

2012 – 2018

‘Dan. has improved at school in his learning and behaviour.’ – Bronnie


‘After a balance I feel more at peace and in control of my life. I feel that I can do things now that I couldn’t do before!. Edu-K really works! Thank you, I am very grateful.’ – Lola


‘Samantha has been diagnosed with autism and started extensive speech therapy. We still do a lot of Brain Gym at home and at her pre-school. She is very switched on and teachers say that Brain Gym contributes to what we have done with her to date. Samantha is doing amazing – slow progress – but progress!’ – Kathrina


‘Paddy is doing really well. After Brain Gym we have more words! It has been amazing! Thank you!’ – Sandra


‘My daughter has been going to see Jose for 6 weeks now, for issues ranging from writing difficulties through to adjusting to absent father. I have seen Edu-K (BrainGym ®) give her a new sense of confidence, calm and balance. The change was immediate and dramatic and continues to grow. My daughter really enjoys the sessions and can’t wait for it every Monday! Edu-K is part of our lives now and there is no looking back!’ – Kathy


‘Already, Brain Gym has made an amazing change. For the first time, my son Thomas was able to participate at school the whole day! He even drew a truck and colored it in. He never made a drawing before! Thank you so much.‘ – Bex, Carindale


Our thoughts and life with Brain Gym/Educational Kinesiology.

I found out about Brain Gym through a friend of mine, who mentioned that they had a wonderful friend who does Kinesiology and Brain Gym and that she thought I would love the mentor. She was right! As I didn’t understand or ask what it was, I didn’t really get involved until my cousin mentioned, a few years later, that it changed her life.

After getting to know this wonderful lady more, I knew I had to experience what she had to offer and that it would benefit my son immensely.

The benefits are astounding. It brings us together every morning to do something special and beneficial for everyone and sets you up for the day, to remind you about how you might react or think about things. Gives you awareness so that you think before you speak and act. A feeling of calmness and being more pro-active. I have developed more patience.

We use Brain Gym daily now. It is part of our morning ritual. Sometimes, throughout the day if things get stressful or are not going to plan, I do it again. It seems to re-centre and ground me. My son has autism, amongst many other disabilities and is very reluctant to change. Well, he has embraced Brain Gym and says that he feels different and better. He is the first up in the morning and always wants to do Brain Gym before anything.

A couple of times we have forgotten to do it (on weekends) and by lunchtime it dawns on me that we have missed it, simply because of my sons behaviour. The other thing we have noticed is that if he is struggling emotionally or getting frustrated or heading for a meltdown, if we catch him early enough to do another lot of Brain Gym, he most certainly improves. It is like a behaviour regulator. Honestly, we could not live without it anymore. He has even started to selfregulate and make decisions about thinking things through, to help himself, calm himself and decide on a different path of behaviour. He goes off in a huff, when he knows he is escalating and states “I’m going to go and do some more BrainGym then”!! My son is also severely vision impaired, blind in one eye and almost blind in the other. He is a Braille user for reading and writing. Despite this, when he does Birthday cards for friends and family, he insists on writing his name. It is illegible…except when he does a series of figure 8s for about 5 minutes, then you can clearly see his name and it makes me extremely proud.

The biggest difference of all is with tolerance. Long story short, my son could not tolerate anyone singing, humming, whistling. In fact, when he was very young, if he heard people sing, particularly Happy Birthday, he would projectile vomit! Progressively over the years, that moderated down to mass hysteria and recently just screaming at whoever, to stop. This is despite him being extremely musical and talented, although he does still refuse to sing. Since daily Brain Gym, we have been attending a half hour weekly session of him learning a song that is in my voice range, with the view to overcoming all this.

Just this last couple of weeks, he has allowed me to sing some random sentences and has progressed from nicely telling me to stop because I have it wrong (he is pitch perfect), to giving me constructive criticism and telling me which note I am singing in and which note I should be singing in Lol…

The point is, we are moving forward in accepting different ways to approach things and different ways to react to things and the results are visible in our everyday life. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Sincerely and ever so grateful,
Karen G. – Brisbane
2012 – 2018