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Are you walking slumped and joyless?

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People Walking - Are you walking slumped and joyless?


Stand at a busy intersection and look at the people passing by. Are they walking upright and proud with a spring in their steps, alertness in their faces, and rhythm in their movements? Or are they plodding along with head bowed, shoulders rounded, and chest collapsed? I think you will find that most of these people seem like prisoners on the earth, overwhelmed by gravity, rather than buoyant creatures, full of the joy of existence.

When we see an animal that does not walk proudly and act full of life, we immediately think that there is something wrong with it. Yet we do not feel any concern for the weary people we see around us.
We consider an unhealthy condition in animals we call normal in human beings. When someone is full of energy, we turn and stare as if this were a rarity. This is the normal condition. This is how it could be.

It is actually not normal for us to walk slumped and joyless, it is not normal for us to get sick or die from chronic diseases but yet we think it is normal.


In Touch for Health/Kinesiology, we work with your life’s energy. We work on the meridians which is like the highways in your body. The meridians function as a network, much like a highway system, that can be mapped out throughout the entire body. If there is an accident or roadblock, we clear it. The blockage in the meridian is often manifested in pain.

Kinesiology is a complementary medicine. It doesn’t replace conventional medicines. Touch for Health is perhaps best used as a preventive tool. Practitioners can read subtle signals from the body indicating a trouble spot, long before some other physicians. Kinesiology does not attempt to replace conventional medicine’s ability to help a body in crisis. But it can prevent some crises from ever occurring.
In Kinesiology we do muscle testing which is the biofeedback from your system.

When we do a balance (session) we are “looking” at your posture, analysis of the face, skin features, and sometimes the tongue.
we us the Palpation and refers to analysis by feeling, particularly the wrist pulse, abdomen, and meridian points.
We ask questions about the person’s past health and habits.

Kinesiologists don’t diagnose any illnesses. You may like to see it as the practitioner is the facilitator of you, or the IT person of your computer, which is your biofeedback system.

If you suffer from pain, stress, anxiety, depression, feeling stuck and a feeling of not being able to move forward, kinesiology might be just what you need.

The most asked question is how many times do you need to see a kinesiologist. Most clients have a minimum of 3 sessions to experience the ultimate benefits of a particular issue. Some clients choose to maintain their well-being and visit the kinesiologist once a year, once a month, others once a week, It is really a personal choice, no one is the same, we all have a unique body, mind and soul.

Shop around and see with whom you feel safe or connect with. Try different modalities, it is your body, your life, and your choice to stay safe and healthy.

My name is José Toussaint. I work from home and based in Birkdale – Brisbane: 04 346 26 307.

Feel free to email me with any questions




José Toussaint (Kinesiologist)
♡ Touch For Health Teacher
♡ BrainGym Consultant
♡ Energy Medicine Practitioner

Create Happy Minds with Kinesiology supports busy adults to reduce stress and allow them to enjoy life with friends and family.

Contact José Toussaint if you would like more information or want to make an appointment to get yourself back on track.

Workshops are available. To find out more, give José a call on 0434 626 307.

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