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What’s On – April Newsletter

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Autumn Tips & April Newsletter

I hope this newsletter finds you well…
Let me tell you what’s going on in my world: – I started back at college five weeks ago and life is fast-paced and full-on again studying acupuncture.

I know in my last newsletter I said I wouldn’t be available on Tuesdays and Fridays because I would be in college, but it has been changed this semester to Mondays and Tuesdays.

It has been a journey. Lots of thinking as I work through the maze of life figuring things out. I am trying new things in my clinic to see if it works with kinesiology and so far I have been amazed and astonished by the outcome. I do have to say… muscle testing is still my favourite thing to do.

Being a busy bee teaching Touch For Health, and organising creative workshops here and there, we have arrived in Autumn.

In Chinese medicine, Autumn is the time of the metal element. The metal element looks after the Lung and Large Intestine meridians.

How can we look at ourselves the best and stay balanced in the autumntime? A very important practice is “Letting go” What could you let go of? The Large Intestine Meridian is related to the emotions of Letting go. It is also a perfect time to do some grief work if that is needed right now in your life. Grief is related to your lungs. When you grieve, it affects your breathing.

Protect your neck against cold wind and practise some deep breathing. Connect with what inspires you. Eat well, sip on spices and soothe dryness. The Autumn gets you ready for the water element, which is the wintertime, a time of hibernation.

Also, I found something else on my journey of learning about the archetypes within the five elements.
If you are interested, below is an Archetype Self-assessment Profile. This can be helpful for self-awareness. Self-awareness helps you to live in the present. When you are aware of something you don’t like or are in pain, you can change things around.


There will be some courses coming up. I will be teaching the following:

  1. BrainGym BG 101 is held on the 29th, and 30th of June and the 2nd and 3rd of May. This is a 4 days course via ZOOM. No prerequisites are needed.
  2. Touch For Health TFH 2 is held on the 12th and 13th of July. You need to complete or hold qualifications for TFH 1 for this course. Repeaters are welcome, also if you have a kinesiology diploma, you are welcome to revisit the material. Please contact me for more details on 04 346 26 307
  3. Good Friday at 11 am – Free community eventSinging Bowls with Jose and Lisa. This will be held in Beth Boyd Park in Thornside.

Please follow my FB page for workshops and courses or just ask me what I am up to. I don’t always post things and it goes word of the mouth. I need a personal assistant who likes to check in with me to see what I am up to and do follow-ups with my clients. Just putting it out there LOL

I won’t hold you up any longer. I wish you a fabulous Easter time. Stay Covid free, stay awesome and keep shining your light.

Much gratitude, José



José Toussaint (Kinesiologist)
♡ Touch For Health Teacher
♡ BrainGym Consultant
♡ Energy Medicine Practitioner

Create Happy Minds with Kinesiology supports busy adults to reduce stress and allow them to enjoy life with friends and family.

Contact José Toussaint if you would like more information or want to make an appointment to get yourself back on track.

Workshops are available. To find out more, give José a call on 0434 626 307.

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