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Emotional Stress Release

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José Toussaint demonstrates the Emotion Stress Release technique

ESR – Emotional Stress Release

Just by putting your hand on your forehead and taking in some focussed breaths – reduces your stress and calms the mind.

It is very useful to stand behind your child and put your hand on his/her forehead when your child is crying. Of course, it also helps when you sit in front of the child, whatever is useful for you. It truly calms the mind.

ESR is used before taking exams, tests, or your first date or just when you’re feeling nervous about anything. Try it, you will see for yourself.

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In the video below I demonstrate the Emotional Stress Release (ESR) DIY technique. This simple technique can help you speed up the process to get rid of emotions you don’t enjoy. Try it and see if it works for you. Much gratitude, José



José Toussaint (Kinesiologist)
♡ Touch For Health Teacher
♡ BrainGym Consultant
♡ Energy Medicine Practitioner

Create Happy Minds with Kinesiology supports busy adults to reduce stress and allow them to enjoy life with friends and family.

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