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Feng Shui Vision Board

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Making a Feng Shui Vision Board creation can unlock and project the subconscious psyche, revealing Jungian insights into the inner self that cannot be perceived through cognitive reflection.

One’s deepest (and often unconscious or hidden) thoughts, urges, love & family issues, desires, goals, fears, needs and more can materialise through your Vision Board creation.

Making a Vision Board with Feng Shui intentions with your friends or family can be relaxing, fun and challenging!

Go with the flow, be in the moment and trust the process. Making a vision board with a Feng Shui grid is fun and reveals your journey.

Participants who have done the workshop with me, are happily surprised and even those who love to be in control, manage to let go and trust the process. The workshop is designed to go on a journey.

You can book me as a facilitator. Get your friends or family together and the host is free. $35.00 per person – a minimum of 7 people. (Brisbane area)

Contact details: Jose Toussaint 04 346 26 307 or Visit my FB page for future events board



José Toussaint (Kinesiologist)
♡ Touch For Health Teacher
♡ BrainGym Consultant
♡ Energy Medicine Practitioner

Create Happy Minds with Kinesiology supports busy adults to reduce stress and allow them to enjoy life with friends and family.

Contact José Toussaint if you would like more information or want to make an appointment to get yourself back on track.

Workshops are available. To find out more, give José a call on 0434 626 307.

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