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What’s On – December Newsletter

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From my heart to you, I really wish you a blessed 2022 and let Christmas be magical with your friends and family. We can all use a little magic and blessings in our lives.

The last two years have been very challenging, with so many changes, good and bad. The anxiety has risen after people got out of lockdown. We get used to being quiet and suddenly may feel overwhelmed and surrounded by so many people.

Do we – or don’t we – wear a mask, now I just smile? It was uncomfortable to hide my face at first but now I feel comfortable hiding behind my mask.

Do we plan a party or not?… or do we wait till the last moment to decide what we are going to do.
I am sure you are well informed about what is going on in your world. I hope you take a break too sometimes from the news, social media, and other media sources. Sometimes it is helpful to take a walk in the bush, on the beach, your favourite place to recharge your battery, or go out with your best mate, talk about nothing and relax.

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I have taken time off from study and the plan is to resume in March 2022. In the meantime, I am supporting other holistic practitioners/kinesiologists to go online with their modalities. Some I meet just once and others I meet once a week until they feel comfortable to do sessions with their clients online.

Also, I’m in the process of finishing my Facilitator Practicum, so I can teach Brain Gym 110 (BG110), which is super exciting as I can take any student through the whole process to become a movement facilitator.

Community group balances ONLINE will be starting soon again, this time it will be twice a month only on Thursday morning from 9:30 am to 11:00 am (Brisbane time). All are welcome. You can join as a family, group or as an individual. $25 per session, per family. (The first session is free, the zoom link will be sent to you once you have booked your ticket.)  Keep an eye out on the Facebook page and click on the tab for events.

– Healing is an inside job – 

Group sessions/balances give you a voice, it’s potent, and you are in it together. In a group session, you have an opportunity to lean into feeling accepted by others and to challenge yourself in making your needs known.

The most obvious difference between group sessions and individual sessions is the number of people attending the session at one time. In an individual balance/session, it’s just you and the practitioner. The focus is on you and your own situation.

In a group session, a facilitator leads a group of people who may have similar experiences. It can also help you manage your mental health condition or to work through difficult experiences with a group of people who are managing similar issues and toward similar goals.
According to a 2016 study, online support groups can still be beneficial; even when sharing through a computer screen, energy does not know any distance. Why not heal and move forward together.

I also will be teaching Touch For Health (TFH) early next year. If you are interested in learning what a kinesiologist does, TFH1 is a great starting point for taking the road to becoming a holistic practitioner. This will enable you to support and heal your family and friends and maybe a starting point that may lead to a new profession.

This will be the book you learn from.

A lot of other modalities need muscle testing. In Touch for Health, you will learn the basics of meridians and emotions related to that meridian. You will learn muscle movement and muscle testing on others, surrogate testing and self-muscle testing. Your life will be never the same, once you start walking on this road of healing your family, friends and others in your world.
Please check out my other page for upcoming courses…

As always, I am very grateful for being part of your healing journey. Without you, I would not be able to do this work and keep on studying.

There are new courses in the planning such as Introduction to Energy Medicine,  Self-Healing, and more. Watch for these in 2022.

I have a mini care pack for sale ($15.00). Pine needle tea and homeopathic pallets (imported from USA). These remedies are ideal when you must take any vaccine, are feeling off, have a headache or have flu-like symptoms.

  How to Make Safe, Healthy Pine Needle Tea - HubPages   

There are many other things you can do to boost your immune system. Make sure you rest enough, love the people around you, eat well and move your body.
Another resource you may like is

Daily I am asked what I think about the vaccine. My answer most of the time is as follows. “It is Your body, Your choice. You must decide what works for you, what is good for you might not be good for someone else.” 
I am not a virologist or medical expert, so can only express my humble opinion. I also tell people “We can’t keep living in fear, we must move forward and live our lives. I am not able to diagnose you, I am here to support you, provide the tools to make your meridians happier, not to judge you or to tell you what you should be doing.”

As you already know I am a BrainGym consultant and we love working with goals/affirmations. We muscle test, we do the movement of a muscle, which relates to a meridian, that meridian relates to an organ and that organ relates to emotion. We change the emotional energy and the story unconsciously changes.

After a BrainGym balance, you may feel better and it is easier to live your life. Your unconscious mind drives you.
Sometimes I hear “affirmations don’t work”. They don’t work because soon after you have said a great affirmation, your inner voice goes… “yeah right!” or a few times during the day you might be telling yourself… “you see… it doesn’t work”. Energetically, it is quite hard work to manifest your goals. You say one positive affirmation and follow it with twenty negative affirmations to prove it doesn’t work.

One of my suggestions is as follows (it works for me): 
– Walking up the stairs requires energy. It requires awareness to stop telling yourself negative affirmations.
– I set a goal. While I am walking up the stairs, I say my affirmation/goals.
– At the top, I take a few breaths and walk down the stairs – imagining my goal is already happening right now or/and, using my five senses, interpreting that I am living it.

The secret is simple – Your goals/ affirmations need movement. You need to move your energy and you need to move your body to get there. It’s a wonderful metaphor for me. It works for me…Try it… it might work for you too. Make your goals alive!

Lastly… Thank you from the bottom of my heart for leaving reviews and comments on my business FB page or checking in to my business Create Happy Minds. Others too have benefited from kinesiology. or google: Create Happy Minds with Kinesiology

Just one more thing. I have a 30% gift code for you. When you make a booking for January and February it will be 30% off your session, just to say Happy New Year and wish you a great start to the new year and a blessed 2022. Book Here and enter promo code 2022. (this is not valid for upcoming courses, only therapeutic sessions)

If you prefer to make a booking by text or a phone call, you are most welcome to do so. Just remember to give me a few options of times and days that work for you.
Much gratitude, love and light, Jose
My family and I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year.

Much love and blessings from José, Tom and Sammy Jo

Remember when you book your session for the new year, use code 2022Create Happy Minds – Book an Appointment


José Toussaint (Kinesiologist)
♡ Touch For Health Teacher
♡ BrainGym Consultant
♡ Energy Medicine Practitioner

Create Happy Minds with Kinesiology supports busy adults to reduce stress and allow them to enjoy life with friends and family.

Contact José Toussaint if you would like more information or want to make an appointment to get yourself back on track.

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