What Can BrainGym Do For You?

Our thoughts and life with Brain Gym.

I found out about Brain Gym through a friend of mine, who mentioned that they had a wonderful friend who does Kinesiology and Brain Gym and that she thought I would love the mentor. She was right! As I didn’t understand or ask what it was, I didn’t really get involved until my cousin mentioned, a few years later, that it changed her life. After getting to know this wonderful lady  more, I knew I had to experience what Jose had to offer and that it would benefit my son immensely.

The benefits are astounding. It brings us together every morning to do something special and beneficial for everyone and sets you up for the day, to remind you about how you might react or think about things. Gives you awareness so that you think before you speak and act. A feeling of calmness and being more pro-active. I have developed more patience.

We use Brain Gym daily now. It is part of our morning ritual. Sometimes, throughout the day if things get stressful or are not going to plan, I do it again. It seems to re-centre and ground me. My son has autism, amongst many other disabilities and is very reluctant to change. Well, he has embraced Brain Gym and says that he feels different and better. He is the first up in the morning and always wants to do Brain Gym before anything.

A couple of times we have forgotten to do it (on weekends) and by lunchtime it dawns on me that we have missed it, simply because of my sons behaviour. The other thing we have noticed is that if he is struggling emotionally or getting frustrated or heading for a meltdown, if we catch him early enough to do another lot of Brain Gym, he most certainly improves. It is like a behaviour regulator. Honestly, we could not live without it anymore. He has even started to selfregulate and make decisions about thinking things through, to help himself, calm himself and decide on a different path of behaviour. He goes off in a huff, when he knows he is escalating and states “I’m going to go and do some more BrainGym then”!!

My son is also severely vision impaired, blind in one eye and almost blind in the other. He is a Braille user for reading and writing. Despite this, when he does Birthday cards for friends and family, he insists on writing his name. It is illegible… except when he does a series of figure 8s for about 5 minutes, then you can clearly see his name and it makes me extremely proud.

The biggest difference of all is with tolerance. Long story short, my son could not tolerate anyone singing, humming,whistling. In fact, when he was very young, if he heard people sing, particularly Happy Birthday, he would projectile vomit! Progressively over the years, that moderated down to mass hysteria and recently just screaming at whoever, to stop. This is despite him being extremely musical and talented, although he does still refuse to sing. Since daily BrainGym, we have been attending a half hour weekly session of him learning a song that is in my voice range, with the view to overcoming all this. Just this last couple of weeks, he has allowed me to sing some random sentences and has progressed from nicely telling me to stop because I have it wrong (he is pitch perfect), to giving me constructive criticism and telling me which note I am singing in and which note I should be singing in Lol… The point is, we are moving forward in accepting different ways to approach things and different ways to react to things and the results are visible in our everyday life.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Sincerely and ever so grateful,

K. G.