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Is your mind too full to be mindful?

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Ripple in the pond - Clear the mind an focus

Let’s talk about mindfulness. What do you think mindfulness is about? How many times are we driving in a car and think, ??? How did I get here?  How can you get to a mindful state while you are driving, what tricks do you use?

What about when you are cooking for someone, how do you feel while you cook? Are you mindful when you are cooking a meal? What about when you are eating? Are you thinking about your next task or can you really taste what you are eating? This is just the beginning…

What do you do to be mindful? Or is your mind just too full to think about this?


Some Ideas for Improving Focus Through Mindfulness

There are many different types of techniques to help increase your focus using mindfulness. You could listen to a song and pay special attention to the highs and lows, the rhythm, everything about it. You could simply make your bed and use that in mindfulness for focus.

Feel the sheets beneath your fingertips; concentrate on how straight you’ve made the mess of covers and how neatly you’ve arranged the pillows. Even brushing your teeth, you can be totally mindful. Pay attention to each tooth as you brush each one thoroughly. Gargle your mouthwash and feel the bubbles and how it feels, tingling your throat and super clean mouth.

Mindfulness for focus is endless. It’s impossible to count the ways you can mindfully focus on a single but short task. Before long, your tasks will get longer and longer, and you’ll be able to regain focus quicker, without judgment. Simply regain awareness that you’ve slipped away and give yourself a gentle nudge back to the moment. You can’t go wrong trying some of these techniques and gain a more rewarding life!

If you’d like to learn more on everday mindful techniques, please contact José today.



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