Spring Time – Liver Time

If you have any eye issues such as blurred vision, red, dry or itchy eyes. Constantly crave sour foods, or are under a great deal of stress and feel angry easily, then your liver energy needs your attention!

This is the perfect time of the year to re-balance your liver. Liver is associated with Spring.
Here is some tips:
* Stay Calm, go slow.
* Use a hairbrush and hit your legs up and down inside your thighs and ankles for about 5 minutes.
* Avoid alcohol – give your Liver a break!
* Gentle excercise, such as swimming or walking.

For more info visit http://www.tcmworld.org or when you feel you need an overall balance, give me a call/text to make an appointment. 0434626307 http://www.josetoussaint.com

Categories: Touch For Health / Kinesiology

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