No such a thing as a quick fix

We live in an instant world. We buy instant food, we find an instant date, we want answers right here and right now. We are getting more and more impatient and time seem to go faster and faster. Our brains work overtime as we live in a very fast world and no longer pay attention to our body and mind; we keep going in order to achieve what we think we need to achieve.

There is no time to connect with others, because we are busy, busy, busy! We need to work to pay the bills, to make ends meet. We have less time to spend with family and friends. We rely more on technology – we just ask, and start to love, Siri.

As a holistic natural therapist, I am lately seeing more clients coming that want a quick fix, looking for a miracle because the doctors have no longer an answer and the medicine they are on doesn’t make it any better. Now, in some cases, you really do need some medicine to be able to stay alive or feel alive.

Sometimes we just need to stop and ask ourselves, how do I feel? How does my body feel? Am I dragging myself? am I feeling happy?

Complimentary therapies helps in a very effective way; you need to be patient, you need to take time to see a natural health practitioner. In the end it is your choice to keep your health in balance.

We get affected daily by stress, pollution, expectations, illnesses, so why not start looking after no.1 which is you! Take time to reflect on your day, what can you change to live a more balanced life? If you are always rushing from a to b, just get out of bed 10 minutes earlier. Makes a huge difference.

Change your thoughts, as your thoughts becomes your reality.

Find a practitioner you feel connected to. Having a massage or any other form of natural therapy is no longer a luxury – we need it in our busy, busy, busy lives.

My name is Jose Toussaint – Educational Kinesiologist –

Categories: Touch For Health / Kinesiology


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