Global Charity Event and Guinness World Records attempt Balance


Global Charity Event and Guinness World Records attempt Balance

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On September 29th 2018, the International Kinesiology College (IKC) is organizing a global event to raise awareness of some self-empowerment well-being techniques.
The IKC is a complementary therapy “college without walls”.

The event will be using techniques from Touch for Health Kinesiology, an energetic approach to health and well-being, which merges modern chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Organized activities will support the heart meridian energy of all participants, during the time at which this energy channel is at itsmost receptive: 11am-1pm.

The world-wide heart energy balance is called the IKC Balancathon (
and is a celebration of 30 years of international Touch for Health
Conferences. Beginning at 11am in Samoa, local centres offering heart-energy balances on a donation basis, will be streamed live on web-site, with additional photo/video contributions from all those participating in that time zone.
As the clock strikes 11 in the next time zone, New Zealand, heart energy balancing will begin there and so on around the globe for the 24-hour+ period.

The IKC event will create a “Mexican wave ” of heart-meridian balancing, involving a record number of countries being connected between 11am and 1pm local time. In addition, at each participating centre, members of the public will be offered the opportunity to have a “Touch for Health energy balance” and walk away with some self -help techniques to boost their own ” feel-good” factor.

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