Insights on Aboriginal Wisdom for the Modern World

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Roseline and aboriginal art xsEarly September, I had the fantastic opportunity to be invited and speak for Yes Group Belgium at the Aboriginal Signature Gallery in Brussels. Surrounded by those amazing art works of Central Australia, it was the perfect opportunity to share the approach of what I observed and learned of my life with Aboriginal Australians in the past few years.

The audience was multi-lingual and luckily I could present my talk in English. I started the lecture with a couple of simple questions, knowing that the group is interested in well-being, personal growth and self-reflection. Here is a very brief summary…

– What is the most important for you in your life right now?
The answers varied from money to work, one person even mentioned happiness.
Since everyone has a different view on life and life style, who am I to say there would be a wrong answer?
->  I suggested JOY

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