Dan. has improved at school in his learning and behaviour.’  –  Bronnie

After a balance I feel more at peace and in control of my life. I feel that I can do things now that I couldn’t do before!. Edu-K really works! Thank you, I am very grateful.’  –  Lola

Samantha has been diagnosed with autism and started extensive speech therapy. We still do a lot of Brain Gym at home and at her pre-school. She is very switched on and teachers say that Brain Gym contributes to what we have done with her to date. Samantha is doing amazing – slow progress – but progress!’ – Kathrina

Paddy is doing really well. After Brain Gym we have more words! It has been amazing! Thank you!’ –   Sandra

My daughter has been going to see Jose for 6 weeks now, for issues ranging from writing difficulties through to adjusting to absent father. I have seen Edu-K (BrainGym ®) give her a new sense of confidence, calm and balance. The change was immediate and dramatic and continues to grow. My daughter really enjoys the sessions and can’t wait for it every Monday! Edu-K is part of our lives now and there is no looking back!’  –  Kathy

Already, Brain Gym has made an amazing change. For the first time, my son Thomas was able to participate at school the whole day! He even drew a truck and coloured it in. He never made a drawing before! Thank you so much.‘  –   Bex

girl with figure 8

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